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Merrell Sheehan, VP of, Digital Marketing
With technologies such as secure EMV chip credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, online banking, and mobile payment apps, today’s consumers have more payment options than ever before. As a result, merchants need to be prepared to offer all these options and more if they want to remain competitive and relevant in the marketplace. This is precisely where Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) can help. As a top-rated online payment processing company with a range of electronic payment solutions, the company allows merchants to meet the needs of the ever-changing market with their stateof-the-art payment processing and merchant services.

“At EMS, our primary focus is helping merchants succeed. We specialize in serving small to mid-sized businesses, which happen to be some of the merchants best served by mobile payment solutions,” says Merrell Sheehan, VP of, Digital Marketing at Electronic Merchant Systems.

As an early adopter of innovative payment acceptance options, EMS began offering its solution, EMSmobile, right as the mobile payments landscape had started taking shape. The company remains dedicated to serving the needs of any small to mid-sized business that processes payments on the go or in an otherwise mobile environment. EMS is committed to offering merchants the lowest rates possible without sacrificing quality and helps them boost profitability for their business, growing their financial well-being. “We also understand that payment processing can be a complicated concept for those who have not studied its intricacies,” states Sheehan. However, knowing what happens to earned dollars between their customer’s bank and their own is crucial for all merchants. EMS recognizes this possible knowledge gap and works to fill it by providing helpful visual and written resources. The company’s YouTube page and blog are brimming with useful content to bring a merchant closer to their payment processing solution.

“It is through these resources and dedication to superb customer service that we have been helping merchants reach their full potential for more than 30 years,” mentions Sheehan. EMS provides merchants with reliable payment processing that is secure, simple to use, and offers impressive functionality. Each merchant has different needs regarding payment acceptance, and EMS strives to meet as many of those needs as possible. As a result, the company provides a full suite of products and solutions, including an innovative mobile solution dubbed EMSmobile, designed to streamline the payment acceptance process. EMSmobile can enable any merchant— such as food truck operators, retail store owners, or roofing contractors— to receive payments quickly and seamlessly. Furthermore, if their merchants need more handson instruction at any time, EMS’s C l e v e l a n d - b a s e d customer support team is available via phone or email 24/7/365.

At EMS, our primary focus is helping merchants succeed. We specialize in serving small to mid-sized businesses

The solution also includes other key features that help merchants speed up payments and save time in their busy workday. For instance, EMSmobile merchants can securely store customer card information for future use, using a built-in Secure Vault Storage feature. This saves time for both the merchant and the customer and helps to enhance the payment experience. Additionally, Email Invoicing is another beneficial capability for service-based businesses that bill customers by the hour or job. It allows a merchant to send custom invoices via email rather than waiting for a check in the mail or interrupting a customer’s day to request payment over the phone. These email invoices can be paid online with the click of a button.

EMSmobile also allows recurring billing, an excellent feature for merchants selling subscriptions or offering payment plans for big jobs/ orders. It helps these merchants set up their customers with a recurring payment schedule to bill their c r e d i t or debit cards automatically. Furthermore, EMS’s professional and dedicated employees, supports merchants by offering high-quality service across every department. From Sales to Installation, Accounting, Risk, Customer Support, and many more, each team at EMS works toward a common goal—to offer the superior service and support merchants deserve.

Recently, EMS helped a law firm retrofit their payment acceptance infrastructure with EMSmobile. They had previously used a traditional credit card terminal for all transactions. EMSmobile gave them the ability to streamline the process of funding retainers with the Secure Vault feature, which stored customer card information and sped up the payment process with Email Invoicing.
EMS expects to see continual growth in the next 18–36 months. The movement from cash to plastic and eventually to digital payments has been gathering steam since the beginning of the COVID crisis. EMS believes the era they’re heading into will bodes very well for FinTech companies like theirs.

“Ours is a very dynamic industry with constant technological innovations and developments. These innovations, along with the talents of our employees and the consistent high-quality, hightouch customer service we offer will all continue to contribute to the success of our company,” concludes Sheehan.

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Merrell Sheehan, VP of, Digital Marketing

At EMS, our primary focus is helping merchants succeed. We specialize in serving small to mid-sized businesses

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